Saw the most awesome family tonight!

Posted in Musings on February 7, 2009 by twiladavisreed

While having dinner tonight at our local Ruby Tuesday, we were seated near the sweetest looking family. They had 3 kids, ranging in age from about 11 down to probably 5 or 6. Other than just being really cute and exceedingly well-behaved kids, they were also really unique looking! I SO want to get them in the studio!!

You see, they all had really cool hair cuts. And unusual hair cuts at that. The oldest one, a boy, had a really snazzy looking mohawk. Yes, an honest to goodness mohawk! I LOVED it! He even used colored hair gel to keep it standing upright. He did it up in reddish streaks. Completely cool! And his younger sister, who was probably about 8 or 9, also had an age-unusual style and it really suited her. It was one of those avant-garde beveled bobs where it’s shorter in the back and much longer in the front. It looked so cute on her.  And the youngest one…oh my. She was probably about 6 or so and had this adorable mass of dusty strawberry blonde hair with big unruly curls pushed back with a headband.  All three, so different, but each style worked on them individually.  I was smitten, what can I say? LOL

So, of course, I had to go over, introduce myself – which is something I rarely do since I’m normally a little shy in those situations – and  give them my business card. I’m really hoping they give me a call. The kids seemed super sweet, the parents quite nice (and nice looking themselves!) and I think they’d be a lot of fun in the studio. I’d love to have them as part of my portfolio, but also just for the fun of making a cool portrait of some really cool looking kids!


Gearing up for the holidays!

Posted in Older Sessions, Studio News with tags , , , on November 17, 2008 by twiladavisreed

Tis the season! (yeah, I know…where did summer go, right?!)

Actually, I’m excited. I’m going to spend some time this week gathering up some new nifty holiday props and creating some scenes to use for holiday images for my upcoming shoots.

Sure, it’s a busy time for me (and everyone), but it sure can be a lot of fun! Stay tuned for some sneak previews and to find out about my holiday specials.

Here are some Christmas Cuties from last year! Click on the image to see it larger.
Francis & Charlotte W.

Flickr Portfolio available!

Posted in Studio News with tags , on November 16, 2008 by twiladavisreed

I’ve been working on putting together a portfolio slide show through Flickr since my website’s built-in slide show is really only geared towards horizontal images. The Flickr slide show can go either vertical or horizontal with no problem. So please take a look!

For best results, be sure to change your settings (located at the upper right hand corner of the slide show page – under “options”) to uncheck all the boxes so that the images don’t get “embiggened” and get pixellated when they get stretched too large for their resolution. Thanks!

Click to see Twila Davis Reed’s Portrait Portfolio

Sorely Neglected!

Posted in Studio News with tags on November 13, 2008 by twiladavisreed

Chalk it up to being busy, but I’ve been bad and have neglected my blog. The studio is somewhat finished and I’ve had a few shoots now. I still have some tweaking to be done, but overall, it looks pretty dang great down there!

Now, I’m finishing up my paperwork and working on booking some holiday sessions. Should be fun!

Thanks to everyone who has helped make the new studio a success!

More to come soon! (And pics too, I promise!)

Complete disarray!

Posted in Studio News with tags , on July 24, 2008 by twiladavisreed

Well, we’ve moved pretty much all the studio equipment over from the old house except my backgrounds and background support system, a couple of props and some of the storage furniture. That will hopefully come over next week.

However, currently, everything that has been moved over is strewn across the floor of the studio, awaiting me to figure out where it should all go! I’m actually sort of afraid to go down there at the moment because it’s so overwhelming! LOL The thing is that I’m still trying to get the main living areas of the house set up and we have house guests coming this weekend, so that sort of has to come first. I’m still unpacking the kitchen stuff, for goodness sakes!

The studio will get there. I promise! I’ll keep you posted!

It’s Alive! (or live anyway!)

Posted in Studio News with tags on July 9, 2008 by twiladavisreed

The studio site is now live! I’m still working on the portfolio stuff, so there aren’t a ton of images in the main slide show yet and I don’t have any individual galleries quite yet. But I’m working on it!

However, I do have all my contact info, my bio and my current price lists which reflect the fact I’m in the portfolio building phase (BIG discounts!)

So stop by and take a look!


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The Hubbsterdude™ and I are officially mortgage-paying, full-fledged, American Dream-following homeowners now! Very exciting, indeed!

We have been busily prepping the house so it’s fit for us to move in. Thankfully, it’s in really great shape and just needs a few cosmetic things done like washing all the kid hand prints off the walls, deep cleaning the bathrooms, washing windows (and there are a LOT of windows to wash!) and putting some doors back on their hinges – that kind of thing. The yard is a complete mess because the house has been vacant for about 9 months, so the Hubbsterdude™ and his college-aged brother, Brandan, who stays with us during the summers (aka Dishboy™) have been pulling weeds and mowing and trying to make the yard quasi-presentable. But overall, it’s a beautiful place and we’re very excited to be moving in.

The big stuff goes over this weekend. We’ve already started taking small van loads of things over as we can. I even have a couple of armless chairs, coffee and side tables and some of my “plants” that have already gone over to the new place. (Mostly to get them out of the way at the old house so I have room to pack!) But it’s actually starting to look like a home in there. It’ll be nice when it’s all moved and we’re settled. THEN I can start getting the studio put together!